Thanks for stopping by our site! I`m sure you have a promotional pen or similar small promotional gift on your desk, but do you know how to get the most bag for your buck? We do, and we can help!


The primary job of any promotional product is to help raise awareness of your brand. You have to keep in mind that when dealing with promotional products, the quality and perception of the promotional item itself is just as important as the logo you place on it.


If you give our a cheap product, that may reflect on the quality of your services as well. Not only that, but people will be less inclined to keep your product in the long term thus reducing the ability of the product to advertise for you.


Do you need something in a rush? We deal with local suppliers in Alberta for emergencies, as well as we have a quick turnaround service based out of Toronto that will delivery product in under a week at no additional charge! Email us ( some information about your event, your time frame, and your budget range and we`ll show you which options are best for you!


Our system: To use local manufacturing and supply. Our head office may not be local (it`s located in Toronto) but we use local manufacturers right here in Edmonton as much as possible that's why we have this site. We have so many great customers in Edmonton they asked us to have a local presence, and here we are!


Please bear in mind we ship direct from the manufacturer to you, saving on freight, emissions, and helping keep a shorter turnaround time. In fact if you review any products to the left or in the quick-search bar at the top you will see where the product originates so you can make an educated decision about your purchase.


Thanks so much for checking us out, please don`t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have! TOLL FREE 1.888.566.2577 x 1


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